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12 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Every Occasion

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and as this special day gets closer and closer, I know we will get tons of messages asking for date night recommendations. I thought I would help us all out by putting together a date night guide for every occasion. Whether you and your loved one prefers a fancy Valentine's Day dinner or a casual spot to enjoy each other's company, one of these 12 spots will surely fit the bill.


1. Golden Dumpling House

Matt and I went here for Valentine's Day last year, and we absolutely loved it! It is a small hole in the wall in Chinatown, and though it's nothing too fancy, you can get a complete and delicious meal without breaking the bank.

2. Polanquito

I just discovered this Mexican restaurant off Washington Ave. a couple weeks ago, and I think this little mom and pop shop makes the perfect date spot. The interior is charming yet casual, and the food is delicious if you and your date like authentic Mexican food!

3. Politan Row

This Rice Village food hall would make a destination because there are tons of options, and because it's a food hall, I think it makes a good choice for a laid back night.


1. Lucio's BYOB

Lucio's is one of my top recommendations for anyone looking for a low key romantic dining experience. You can bring your own bottle of wine (if you have a specific favorite wine you and your date share) or you can purchase wine by the glass or bottle there. The food is fabulous, and they keep an intimate ambiance with mood lighting.

2. Roma

Italian food lovers, you'll love Roma. It sits in Rice Village and has an endearing and rustic feel. If you really want to impress your date, order from their Valentine's Day prix-fixe menu or better yet, order the cocoa-infused fettuccine tossed in a pecorino-romans cheese wheel.

3. Riel

It's been awhile since we've been to Riel, but when I think back to the meal we had over two years ago, I remember it so vividly. Every dish was tasted and looked super elegant. Most importantly, their sticky toffee pudding is out of this world.


1. La Fisheria

Matt has been a huge fan of La Fisheria ever since he and Saagar went a couple years ago. La Fisheria is a Mexican coastal seafood restaurant in Downtown, and Matt always raves about their food! I love this recommendation because after dinner you and your date can walk around downtown!


Traveler's Table is probably one of my favorites on this list. The diverse menu will be sure to take your taste buds on an adventure around the world. Consider yourself a fan of different cuisines? This would make a great Valentine's Day destination, especially since it is still relatively new to Montrose!

3. Kau Ba

Casual, chic Vietnamese fusion is the name of the game at Kau Ba. They were one of our favorite restaurants of 2019, and it's no surprise that they would make the list as a date night recommendation. It's trendy, in Montrose, and everything on the menu is excellent. If you're an adventurous duo, check out Kau Ba and order the Kaubaccio, Vietnamese Pizza, and Truffle Wagyu Banh Cuon.


1. Superica

This Tex-Mex hot spot is the epitome of trendy. Everything from the cocktails and food to the decor is incredibly stylish. I mean, just look at their nachos?!


Sixty Vines is a Dallas-based restaurant that landed in Houston not too long ago, Rice Village to be exact. While I haven't been to the new location, I have been to both locations in Dallas, and I am super impressed every single time. I love the vibe and their wall of wines on tap. It makes such a great date spot or even GNO.

3. The Classic

From the owners of Benjy's and Local Foods, The Classic does not disappoint either. Everything on the menu is so good. Not to mention the beautiful patio filled with green plants. The menu offers a little bit for everyone too.

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