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2 Hours in Gruene? No Problem!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Gruene has become a hot destination especially for weddings! A couple weekends ago, we headed West for the city of Gruene, about 2 and a half hours from Houston, for a wedding Saturday evening. We gave ourselves just 2 hours to explore the little historic town, known for once being a cotton-producing community. If you find yourself in the area for a short amount of time or even want to make a weekend getaway trip out of it, here are a few ideas to explore the town!


A meal with a view is always the way to go! Go to Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar or Gruene River Grill. Both offer outdoor seating with a refreshing view of the Guadelupe River and some hearty southern comfort food!

We opted to go to Gristmill as recommended by a friend. The scene is definitely something to see. The Gristmill is an old cotton gin that was transformed into a restaurant. We got the Chicken Fried Chicken and Ribs with a side of Onion Rings. Holy moly look at those rings!


A few wineries are sprinkled throughout the historic area. Unfortunately only one of them was open while we were there, but hey, I'm not complaining! We ended up at Winery on the Gruene, and it was such a lovely experience! You can do 4 tastings for $3 or pay and extra $2 for the 4 tastings and a commemorative wine glass. The pricing is pretty similar at all the wineries, so go to two or three if time permits!


Gruene Hall was built about 140 years ago and is to this day the oldest operating halls in Texas! You can feel all the history as you walk through the doors. It has definitely been beautifully preserved over the years. The venue is swarming with tourists during the day and packed at night!


Last but not least if you have a little extra time, visit some of the antique shops and boutiques. Some of the items even date back to the 1800s! It's such a fun time to dig through things and explore what life would have been like back in the day.

Hope these ideas help you in planning your next trip to Gruene, TX! It's truly a charming town. We'd love to hear about your stay so leave us a comment below!

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