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3 Easy Guilt-Free Cocktails with Yerbae

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

This past weekend, we tried something a little outside of our comfort zone... making cocktails! I've only made punch, poured shots, or mixed some liquor with soda. I've never actually tried making a cocktail myself, but I was surprised to find that it's actually a ton of fun! I still have a lot to learn, but we were able to put together some super easy (guilt-free for all those New Years resolutioners still going strong) cocktails for y'all!

For these cocktails, we used Yerbae, which if you've never of it, it's a non-GMO, no sugar/sweetener-added enhanced sparkling water with 100 mg of caffeine. I've never been a fan of sparkling waters, but the flavors are really tasty and the caffeine is such a great bonus! If you've never been a fan of coffee or if you're trying cut energy drinks of of your diet, these are a great alternative!



1 Can of Strawberry Kiwi Yerbae1 Ounce of Rum3 Strawberries1 Lime4-5 Mint leaves


Crush strawberries and half of mint leavesFill glass with ice, then add rumTop off with Yerbae (about half a can)Garnish with mint leaves

Tip: For added sweetness, add sugar, simple syrup, or honey!



1 Can of Orange Cherry Pineapple Yerbae1 Ounce of Vodka5 Cherries1 Lime1 Tablespoon of Honey


Crush cherries, add vodka, honey, lime, and vodka to a shakerPour mixture into glass filled with iceAdd Yerbae (about half a can)



1 Can of Coconut Pineapple Yerbae1 Ounce of Coconut Rum1 Can of Pineapple Slices


Crush a couple splices of pineappleMix pineapple juice for pineapple slices, coconut rum, and Yerbae in equal parts

Honestly, this one was not only the easiest cocktail to make, but it was definitely the tastiest!

Happy drinking! I'd love to hear your thoughts on these recipes if you get a chance to try them!

P.S. You can find Yerbae at select HEB stores, but be sure to check HEB's website to double check if your location carries it!

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