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Cocohodo: Charming Coffeeshop in Katy!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Carrying on with our "Katy" series, we present to you, Cocohodo!

If you follow our Instagram stories, you may have caught that we were asking for coffee shop recommendations in Katy last weekend. We got some great recs but were ultimately sold on Cocohodo because based on reviews, they have plenty of tables, a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and, most importantly, good coffee!

Cocohodo, also known as Sweet Vivian's Ice Cream & Dessert Lab, lived up to all our expectations. What we didn't know going in was that they are more than a coffee shop. They also have sweet and savory crepes and liquid nitrogen ice cream! We didn't try any of the other options during this visit but maybe next time!


A follower recommended this drink, and I, for some reason, was drawn to it, despite the name. To be honest, it tastes exactly as it sounds - grain with a hint of sweetness. It's amazing.


What a pretty drink, right?! Love the layers. It's as good as it looks as well!

1645 Winding Hollow Dr Ste 201

Katy, TX 77450

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