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Common Bond Cafe & Bakery: Now Serving New Spring Dinner Menu

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Common Bond Cafe & Bakery is known for their savory brunch, sweet pastries, and fluffy bread. Locals and visitors line up outside the doors for their Soft Scramble or their Biscuits and Gravy (my personal favorite) every weekend. What many people don't know is that Common Bond serves dinner too!

Last week we had the pleasure of sampling their new seasonal Spring dinner menu, which is available starting today! If you didn't know before Common Bond has menu items that stay on the menu year around, but they also curate seasonal menu items available only during the season. The best part is, you're getting the same quality and decadence of a Common Bond brunch for dinner! The menu is also very budget friendly especially for the fine dining quality you're getting.

**Please note these are sample sizes, not actual portion sizes.**

MELON AND PROSCIUTTO || Compressed watermelon and cantaloupe, prosciutto chips, arugula, sheeps milk feta, mint, radish, fried shallots, pepitas, balsalmic reduction.

My favorite of the night. The fruit are so sweet and juicy from being compressed! It's light, refreshing and everything I could ever want in a salad. I've never had a full sized salad at Common Bond, but it's a known thing that their salads are pretty hefty in size.

Flatbread Trio (left to right)

BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND FETA || Crispy brussel sprouts, sheeps milk feta, applewood smoked bacon, mozzarella, parmesan, olive oil

SPICY PEPPERONI AND GOAT CHEESE || Deli style pepperoni, pomodoro sauce, goat cheese, fresh jalapeno

HEIRLOOM TOMATO AND HERBED RICOTTA || Heirloom tomatoes, herbed ricotta, pomodoro sauce, shaved shallots, pine nuts, balsamic reduction

You can't go wrong with any of these three. Depending on what you're looking for and your personal preferences on ingredients because they're all three so different, but the ingredients on each mix together so well to create such a magnificent flavor profile.

I'm personally a huge fan of goat cheese, so automatically, my favorite was the Spicy Pepperoni. Matt on the other hand loved the flavors of the Heirloom Tomato.

LUMP CRAB CAKES || Edemame, corn and zucchini succatash, brown butter tomato coulis

Probably one of the best crab cakes I've ever had. The ratio of breading to crab is on point.

PAN SEARED CHICKEN BREAST || Crispy potatoes anna, swiss chard, vichy carrots, whole grain mustard sauce

This was my favorite main course entree of the night. I've never had potatoes prepared as such but it was such a delight. Not to mention the chicken was cooked perfectly with maximum juiciness.

HERB CRUSTED LAMB CHOPS || Vichy carrots, fingerline potatoes, pearl onions, rosemary lamb jus

Lamb lovers, you're going to want to try this bad boy.

And because you can't go to Common Bond and not leave room for dessert...


Originally a Valentine's Day special, the Chocolate Tart was upgraded to a regularly offered dessert because it is just. that. good.


Be sure to try some of their seasonal macaron flavors as well! The Fig and Goat Cheese is quite the combination. ;)

There you have it! If you're a Common Bond enthusiast or if you're just looking for a new dinner spot, you're going to want to come in ASAP for their dinner.

PS - We received the inside scoop that they will be expanding to the Heights very, very soon! Stay tuned for bigger and more exciting things from your favorite local cafe!

Price Range: $10-20

1706 Westheimer Rd

Houston, TX 77006

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