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Crispy or Grilled: You'll Want to Waffle Wednesday Here

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Set in the midst of the Midtown bars, right across from Little Woodrow's, is one of the newest food trucks on the block - Crispy or Grilled. Opening just a couple months ago, their fried chicken has already become all the rage.

Whether you're looking for some late night grub after bar hopping or looking to grab some dinner, Crispy or Grilled should be your next destination! You'll find different sandwiches, tacos, and loaded fries with different fusions of flavor! You have the option to have your chicken fried or grilled. The fried chicken is more flavorful of course, but for a healthier option, get the grilled chicken.

On Wednesday nights, the food truck celebrates Waffle Wednesday with their Cheddar Biscuit Waffles! This means you can get any of their sandwiches on a tasty, cheesy waffle. Trust me when I say it takes the sandwich to a whole new level!

We got a good variety from the menu, and I think it's safe to say we enjoyed every bit of it. Between the three of us and our different palettes, we all had different favorites of the night.


Chicken tenders on a toasted cheddar biscuit (normally a brioche bun), lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a sauce.

Y'all. The sauce is everything. It may be pretty messy to eat... but it absolutely brings together the flavors from the waffle and the chicken. This one was Matt's favorite!


Chicken tenders glazed with Buffalo sauce on a toasted cheddar waffle (normally a brioche bun), lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese crumble.

If you're a fan of buffalo wings, this sandwich is for you! Be careful though, the buffalo sauce has a bit of a spicy kick!


Talk about taking loaded fries to the next level! Again, this is for all you buffalo sauce lovers like me. This one was Saagar's favorite.


Chicken tender taco topped with lettuce, elote pico, and cotija cheese.


Chicken tender taco topped with lettuce, tomato, kimchi, spicy mayo.

Both of these were really good, so choose the one that coincides with the cuisine you prefer more! I personally really like asian flavors, so the Asian Persuasion called out to me more. The spicy mayo on top is the perfect addition! This one was Marissa's favorite.

2250 Brazos St

Houston, TX 77002

Thank you Crispy or Grilled for inviting us out! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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