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Fleming's: A Peek at This Month's New Chef Table Menu

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Every month, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar features a new Chef Table Menu, specially created by the local chef to highlight home-grown tastes, seasonality, and food trends. It is a unique experience you can only find at each individual location.

Today, I'm excited to share the carefully curated Chef Table Menu by Chef Elias of the River Oak's location. On the menu you will find flavors and ingredients that I think resemble the ultimate Fall meal.

BASIL PESTO SHRIMP || With roasted spaghetti squash

Squash is a staple vegetable in the fall, and I love how Chef Elias paired spaghetti squash with shrimp for this starter dish!

HARVEST SALAD || Carrots, cucumbers, radishes, goat cheese, arugula, toasted almonds with lemon vinaigrette

We immediately fell in love with this salad, and one of us might have scarfed this down in a matter of minutes (no joke).

BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIB || With black truffle mashed potatoes

If there's one thing you get off the Chef Table Menu, this is it. The meat falls off the bone... and can you really go wrong with anything truffle?

SEARED HALIBUT WITH COLOSSAL CRAB MEAT || Broccolini with a lemon caper beurre blanc

ROASTED ACORN SQUASH (Not pictured here)


Such a fun flambe experience!

Now, we also got a few things off this month's special menu, which were impeccable. I would highly recommend any of these options!

SEARED PORK BELLY || Pan seared, creamy goat cheese grits, fig demi glace

Oh my gosh, yall. This starter was hands down my favorite thing off the Chef Table Menu! As a lover of anything goat cheese, I could probably live off those grits for the rest of my life and be happy - haha!


Probably the best lobster mac I've had! This side is a must to share with the table!


Just look at this monster stack of onion rings! It also comes with a chipotle dipping sauce that is on point.


Can you really go to Fleming's without getting a steak? They have a nice selection of different cuts and of course, only serve USDA prime beef steak.

CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE || Rich chocolate cake with a molten center of Callebaut belgian chocolate, served with premium vanilla ice cream & chopped pistachios

While this may have been our first time dining with Fleming's, we had such a pleasant experience that we would venture to say that you will not be disappointed here. The staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful, and the food is solid. While the price point may be a little steep, Fleming's would be your perfect destination for a special meal, a celebatory meal, or just a splurge/"treat yo self" meal!

2405 West Alabama Street Houston, TX 77098

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