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Flower & Cream: Houston's Newest Ice Cream

The newest ice cream shop has officially landed in Houston, and it is all the rage right now! Aside from the adorable, dainty decor, or the hanging swings that line the front window, or the fact that they spent their grand opening donating proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House, the colorful and delicious frozen treats at Flower & Cream is quickly winning over the hearts of Houstonians.

You can currently choose from 11 different flavors, but they expect 14-16 total flavors in the next few weeks. Flavors will be rotating every month or so as well.

All ice cream and baked goods are made in-house and boy are they rich and creamy. You can also get your ice cream cone however you would like! Stack it with two macarons, two cookie ice cream sandwiches, or one of each - the world is your oyster!

You can also take a pint home if one ice cream cone just isn't enough!

2617 W Holcombe Blvd Suite B

Houston, TX 77030

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