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Houston Coffee Shop Series No. 1

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Last year, I asked for y'all's coffee shop recommendations, and initially I was extremely motivated to get through my entire list but that quickly faded as days went on. This year, I've made it a goal to go to at least 3 new coffee shops a month and to help keep myself accountable, I will be making a coffee shop round up post each month sharing the new coffee shops I explored that month! If you've never been to the shop yourself, I'll be sharing the good and the bad of each spot to help y'all find your next coffee shop destination too!

I hope y'all enjoy! (If you know of a coffee shop that I definitely need to hit up feel free to leave me a comment, send us an email, or DM us on Instagram. Recommendations are 100% welcome 100% of the time.)


The Good

  • Homey atmosphere

  • Great spot to hide behind a book and sip on coffee

  • Lots of individual tables to work/study and seats along the window

The Bad

  • Music not fitting to the vibe and honestly made it a little hard to concentrate on what I was doing

  • Parking at Rice Village can be difficult to find during busy times. There's a small lot behind the coffee shop though.

  • A little pricey - paid $4 for a drip coffee (although it was super tasty!)


The Good

  • Seasonal drinks are delicious! (We tried and loved the Spiced Pecan Latte and Smoked Rosemary Latte.)

  • Great for studying/workingLarge tables are great for group meetups

  • Staff was delightful

The Bad

  • Small parking lot

  • Crammed space

  • Electrical plugs are hard to find. Make sure you charge up before!


The Good

  • Very spacious

  • Plenty of free parking

  • Free refills on drip Illy coffee

  • Also serves food (love their little pastries!)

The Bad

  • Not good for working/studying

  • Staff didn't seem too friendly

  • Not a ton of seating

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