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Ostioneria La Reyna: Truly Authentic Mexican Seafood

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

It's not every day you run into a hole in the wall Mexican seafood restaurant, but surprise, today is that day! Osteoneria La Reyna is your next stop for good ol' comfort seafood bites with an authentic Mexican flair.

After about 10 years of proven success with their Tortilleria concept, the family behind Torilleria La Reyna introduced a brand new concept a couple years ago - Osteoneria La Reyna. The restaurant sits right across Southwest Freeway on the opposite side of Chinatown, and if I'm being completely honest, we don't venture into this part of town very often. To our surprise, we found a cozy little spot with refreshing micheladas, citrusy ceviche, and delicious baked oysters.

MICHELADA || Beer of choice, lime juice, sauces, spice, and peppers

I've never had a michelada before, but I can confidently say that this will not be my last. It reminds me of a bloody mary, but instead of vodka, you add beer! Choose the beer of your choice to add into the mug of all the spices. Yum!

OYSTERS EL GOBERNADOR || Baked oysters topped with shrimp and cheese

Raw is typically how I prefer my oysters, but these oysters are a force to be reckoned with, as they are loaded with cheese and shrimp. How could one resist?

TRIO DE TOSTADAS || Three tostadas with three different shrimp or fish ceviche

I've been a huge fan of ceviche for awhile now. You can bet that if it's on the menu, then I'm ordering it. If you're not familiar, ceviche is a Latin American dish made from fish (or shrimp) that's cooked by soaking in lime juice. A lot of times you'll see the seafood mixed with peppers, onions, avocado, and tomatoes. It's a great summer/spring dish because of the fresh and vibrant flavors.

The ceviche at Ostioneria La Reyna did not disappoint! It was my favorite dish of the evening and probably the best ceviche I have had in a long time.

TACOS EL GOBERNADOR || Small tacos filled with shrimp and cheese

Try these tacos and smother them in their homemade green sauce!

BOILED CAJUN SHRIMP || Classic crawfish boil seasoning with shrimp, potatoes, and corn

SHRIMP 4 WAYS || A la Mexicana, A la Diabla, Costa Azul, Al Mojo de Ajo

For their main dishes, you can choose your main ingredient from a list of different types of seafood, choose the way you want it cooked, and choose 2 sides. Check out their menu online to see all the options they have.

Price Range: $4-12

6249 Bissonnet St

Houston, TX 77081

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