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Our 3 Favorite Ramen Houses in Houston Right Now

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

This cloudy and rainy weather has us craving alllll the soup, and ramen always seems to hit the spot. With rich broths and wavy noodles, you can't get a more comforting meal to slurp on on a cold February evening.

Here are three favorite ramen joints (and what we like to order there) to help you get your soup on, starting with my #1 go-to...

Ramen Tatsu-ya

Austin-based Ramen Tatsu-ya has long been my favorite ramen of all time in Texas. For me the broth is the most important piece to a good ramen bowl, and Tatsu-ya seems to get it right every single time. I also love all the "bombs" you can add for extra flavor and spice!


Agu Ramen

Agu Ramen may be from Hawaii but they sure know how to whip together Japanese comfort food. The variety at Agu Ramen is incomparable to other places we've tried as far as ramen goes and other dishes offered. Even if you're not feeling ramen, try one of their other Japanese dishes like their Takoyaki!


Samurai Noodle

Straight from Seattle, Samurai Noodle is a recent favorite of ours as recommended by some of our followers! They are passionate about Japanese cuisine and keep it authentic.

WHAT TO ORDER: Spicy Garlic Shoyu Ramen

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