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Padnas Cajun Eatery: Authentic Louisiana Cajun Cuisine in Montrose

Fun fact: my family rarely ate out growing up (which might not be all too surprising, considering I now live to try different restaurants)! When we did get to go out to eat for special occasions, my family had one go-to restaurant, Pappadeaux, and I ordered the Crawfish Etouffee every time. To this day, it is still my guilty pleasure.

But if we are really getting honest here, I don't think I ever had true, authentic cajun food until Padnas Cajun Eatery brought cajun food to Montrose!

Crawfish, po-boys, jambalaya, and ETOUFFEE, they have the whole 9 yards, and after dining at Padnas, I think there were 3 main takeaways:

1. Padnas is super accommodating when it comes to dietary restrictions. We had the pleasure of meeting Krista, from Houston Without Gluten, and it wasn't until after speaking with her that we realized how restricting gluten intolerances really are. Throughout the entire night, the chef was extremely helpful in assuring that Krista would be able to enjoy an entire cajun meal. (Check out her Instagram here for some food inspiration if you also have a gluten intolerance.)

2. The quality of ingredients is a top priority. I could really tell that they were only using the best ingredients in each dish.

3. Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere. Not only does the space boast a quaint patio, but the staff, the decor, and the food all create such an inviting environment. Oh, and did I mention that they now have daiquiris, jello shots, and beers available? You will definitely want to schedule at least a few hours to enjoy yourself!

WHAT TO ORDER: Sausage Po-Boy and Crawfish Lafourche

Scroll down for more drool-worthy dishes we enjoyed at Padnas!

FRIED SHRIMP PO-BOY (Top) || Dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, Where Y'at sauce on po-boy bread

SAUSAGE PO-BOY (Middle) || Smokey andouille sausage dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, Where Y'at sauce

FRIED CATFISH PO-BOY (Bottom) || Dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, Where Y'at sauce on po-boy bread

DIRTY FRIES || Fresh cut and sauteed in tangy buttery sauce topped with fresh parmesan

BOILED CRAWFISH || The biggest & seasoned with our own special spice & lemon zing

Look at the size of those things!

CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE || Rich cajun favorite with juicy crawfish served with rice

GUMBO (Front) || Smoked turkey and andouille packed with smoked Louisiana flavor

CRAWFISH LAFOURCHE (Right) || Creamy cheesy pasta delight with a hint of pesto and juicy crawfish

403 Westheimer Rd

Houston, TX 77027

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