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Seaside Poke: Houston's #1 Poke Spot Right Now

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Last weekend, we teamed up with fitness guru and foodie, Daniel Hoang (@HoangFitto shoot a YouTube video featuring the one and only, Seaside Poke in EaDo! As you can imagine, I was stoked to finally check this place out after seeing them on the front cover of Houstonia Magazine, as well as work with Daniel to bring you all an inside look at this new hot spot that opened up just a few months ago. Check out the video here!

In the video, you'll get to see two members of Houston Hotspots in front of the camera (I know, how weird!) and see us chat with two of the owners of Seaside Poke. At the end, we also do a tasting of all their bowls! Of course, you can always build your own bowl, which is one thing I always like to see at a poke joint.

Some interesting facts we learned about Seaside Poke during our visit:

1. They locally source their produce! I haven't heard of a poke shop in Houston that does this. I love how they support local!

2. They have a different "Bowl of the Month" every month that sometimes even make it to the Signature Bowls list permanently.

3. They get fish delivered 3 times a week to ensure optimal freshness. You can definitely taste it in the fish! It all tastes incredibly fresh.

TRUFFLE YELLOWTAIL || Shoyu, truffle, puff rice, cilantro, ito togarashi

The most popular bowl.

SPICY TUNA || Gochujang, puff rice, breakfast radish, shiso

CLASSIC || Shoyu, shallot, garlic, onion

My personal favorite signature bowl.

SALMON SKIN CHICHARRONES || With a side of green sambal and nuoc mam (aka fish sauce)

Seaside's take on the classic "chips and salsa". It's their new appetizer and it's delicious! To me, the crispier the fish skin, the better, and theirs is definitely extra crispy!

SALMON PONZU || Ponzu, orange, edamame, garlic

A little sweet, a little tangy, and extremely light and refreshing.

2118 Lamar St #101

Houston, TX 77003

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