State Fare: Where to Go When You Want Good Ol' Southern Comfort Food

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

State Fare opened up almost a couple years ago, serving up scratch-made, homestyle Southern comfort dishes at Memorial City. Here you'll find hearty portions of basically anything considered Southern cuisine. Best part is, mostly everything is made fresh in-house - even their BBQ potato chips!

We came for lunch last week and sampled all the recommended items by the one and only Lisa Gochman, Marketing Director of Cherry Pie Hospitality, the food group behind State Fare, Petite Sweets, Lee's Fried Chicken, Starfish, Pi Pizza, Lee's Creamery, and Ellis Brothers BBQ. It's safe to say we tried the best of the best on the menu (not to say that all the other items aren't great too).

Without further ado, here's a glimpse into the lunch menu at State Fare!


DILL PICKLE DIP || House BBQ potato chips

Using a family recipe, this dill dip is the perfect thing to start your meal.

JIMMY'S "TEXAS RED" BEEF CHILI FRITO PIE || Cheddar, queso blanco, fresh jalapeno