We're Dough Bakery: Lebanese Bakery near the Galleria

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It's been almost 4 years since I began my journey in the food blogging world, and it astounds me that We're Dough Bakery was the first Lebanese bakery I ever came across! A lot of the food was completely foreign to me, which is personally one of my favorite things about this whole blogging journey - getting to try new and different things.

After getting a pretty good tasting of all the menu offerings, here's the lowdown on the noteworthy dishes:

KAAK || Thin crust with Akkawi cheese

Also available in a fluffier Kaak! I personally preferred the thinner version because it was super crispy. That cheese is also unbelievably good!

EGGS & SOUJOK || Eggs with spiced beef sausage

This is a Lebanese eggs and sausage, and quite possibly my favorite dish of our entire meal! The sausage has a specific spice to it that is unlike others that I've had, but it was good! What a great breakfast option.

NUTELLA SAJJ || Lebanese thin bread with your choice of toppings

While We're Dough offers both sweet and savory sajj, our favorite had to be the Nutella with strawberries, bananas, and hazelnuts.