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Where to Get Crawfish This Season: Our Top 5 Picks

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Crawfish season is upon, y'all! Not sure where to get your fill, no worries we have your back! We've been trying a bunch of places over the past month and here are our top 5 favorites:


A relatively new contender in the crawfish world, The Cajun House opened up just last year. We tried three of the seven different flavor combinations they offer and each one was lip-smacking good. The crawfish was top quality and cooked perfectly. We were surprised to find that there were absolutely zero dead crawfish included in our batch - the cook actually hand picks all of the dead crawfish before cooking. I still cannot get over how much flavor they were able to get into their crawfish without overcooking them.

What to order: Hawaiian Style and House Special Crawfish and Smothered Fries


Casian Crawfish has only been open for a few months but has already been making a name for themselves as having the spiciest crawfish in Houston. The Reaper Challenge - heard of it? It's 2 lbs of Carolina Reaper crawfish in 15 minutes (including sucking the heads). We weren't quite up to the challenge, but it looks like there have been some finishers!

Aside from having the spiciest crawfish, they have the best tasting crawfish we've had here in Houston with 4 different spice levels. It's well worth the drive towards Hobby Airport.

What to order: All In Crawfish and Fried Corn


Not a fan of asian style crawfish? Ragin' Cajun is your place - authentic Louisiana crawfish. The quality is top notch and they were all a decent size too! Not crawfish related, but I thought it would be appropriate to share that they have the best oysters I've had in a long time!

What to order: Crawfish (with all the add-ins - sausage, corn, and potatoes) and Oysters


Another option for Louisiana style lovers. Dine in or drive-thru - Boil House makes it easy and simple to grab some delicious boiled crawfish and/or shrimp, and y'all, the flavor is SO GOOD. Additional seasonings or dips is not necessary.

What to order: Crawfish


There's a reason why the wait here is always so long. Tasty asian style crawfish and a long list of other seafood offerings is why Houston locals love this place. Be prepared to wait!

What to order: Thai Basil and Cajun Crawfish and Garlic Noodles

Happy Crawfish Season, y'all!

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