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Where to Get Microblading & Eye Lash Extensions in Houston, TX

In this new age of work-from-home, spending lots of time at home, and masks, I've found that 1) I'm going to avoid makeup at all costs and 2) I still want the top half of my face to look presentable since it's not covered by a mask. After a ton of debate, I finally decided to get my microblading redone (it had been about a year and a half) and finally invest in eyelash extensions. No more mascara or eyebrow tint! Hallelujah!

I got a recommendation to go to Chic Lash Boutique here in Houston, and I was so happy with the results, I cannot wait to share with y'all the final product. (There might also be a discount code for y'all below too!)

If you've thought about microblading or eyelash extensions, here are 10 things to know before you:

  1. You'll need to get there 15 minutes early to fill out their new client documents, and do not be late!

  2. No alcohol for 2 days before your microblading procedure, and no coffee the morning of your microblading procedure.

  3. Pay special attention to the after care guide and kit they give you after the microblading procedure. (They also provide the ointment for you!)

  4. Chic Lash does not use any numbing cream or ointments for microblading, as it is believed to negatively affect the pigment of the microblading. You can expect a bit of pain during the procedure. It is not unbearable, but if you have a very low pain tolerance, I would recommend looking at other options.

  5. Bring headphones! During the microblading procedure there is a scraping noice that could be unpleasant to listen to. Pick your favorite playlist and turn it up.

  6. Wash your hair before your microblading porcedure. Your eyebrows should not get wet for the first day, and it's much easier to follow this rule if your hair has already been washed.

  7. Invest in some baby wash (I use Johnson & Johnson's). After doing some research, I got some baby wash to clean my eyelashes. You can use a non-oil based makeup remover first, gently wash your eyelids and lashes with the baby wash, then use a dry cotton round to dab and remove extra moisture from your eyelashes. Do not put any pressure so your lashes don't fall off!

  8. You will need to lie on your back to sleep after getting eye lash extensions and get used to not rubbing your eyes! Both of these tips will help your eyelashes stay in tact longer.

  9. Your eyebrows will go through a series of stages during the healing process where they will appear lighter and darker. Allow the full 10 days of healing before you freak out. ;)

  10. I get the half set for eyelash extensions for a natural look and have to return every couple of weeks for a refill. The process is so relaxing, I consider it well-deserved R&R time every two weeks.

Overall, both are 100% worth the investment and you will not be disappointed. If you decide to go to go to Chic Lash too, use HOTSPOTS10 for 10% off any microblading or eyelash extension services (valid until 4/30/21). New clients only, max usage once per person.

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