Matt and I spent quite some time exploring a lot of Texas destinations last year when we were getting the travel itch, but we hadn't really explored much of the outskirts of Houston... until now.

We had always seen signs for "Alvin" before but never thought to explore it! Alvin, TX is a small charming town about 45 minutes outside of the city and less than an hour from Galveston, Kemah, the Space Center, and more. The town boasts a rich history, 13 parks, and is the perfect destination for a quick day trip or overnight trip! We spent just about a full day there, and can't wait to share this trip idea with you. Go ahead and pull out your pen and paper, and take some notes!

Where to Eat & Drink

Smokin' D's BBQ Fusion | We were blown away by this fusion BBQ spot. Aside from your BBQ classics like brisket, ribs, sausage, and turkey, the menu features a mix of Asian-fusion and Mexican-fusion dishes as well, including Brisket Pho and Smoked Chicken Pho! While the pho is normally a Friday special, if you don't make it that day, the Brisketmacdilla here is what they're known for, a brisket mac n cheese quesadilla, topped with a house-made southwest ranch. It's also an absolute must!

1820 Coffee House | Get coffee flights at this Alvin local coffee shop, owned and operated by long time residents of Alvin! They have a huge list of different coffee drinks available to choose from too, and they're all delish.

Dairyland | Grab a burger from the oldest restaurant in Alvin, TX! They're known for their tortilla burgers, which is a burger but with crispy tortillas instead of your typical buns. It adds a nice crunch that we quite enjoyed! Their malt shakes are also tasty and refreshing!

WHAT to Do & See