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10 Best Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

A couple months back, we connected with Houston's very first gluten-free food influencer! It was actually quite the pleasant surprise because she was actually reaching out regarding an event that was completely unrelated to her Instagram, but we somehow made the connection that we had been exchanging some comments through our Instagram accounts. Not too long after, we were dining together at Padnas Cajun Eatery!

It's crazy how fast we became acquainted. It reminds me how much joy I have in blogging because of the people I get to meet along the way.

Anyway, I have noticed how much more common gluten intolerance and gluten sensitive have become and realized that the three of us on the Houston Hotspots team never really pay attention to offerings at a restaurant for people that cannot have gluten. I, of course, want everyone to be able to enjoy a meal out without having to worry about having a bad reaction to the food, so we asked Krista from Houston Without Gluten to put together a list of the best gluten-free friendly restaurants.

So without further ado... here's Krista!

Hey! I’m Krista and about a year ago I reluctantly cut gluten completely from my diet. I grew up with major stomach issues and within a month they dramatically got better. If you don’t know what gluten is, it’s pretty much a sticky particle that makes bread delicious, and is also in barley, rye and malt.

The thing is, I freaking love bread. I love cinnamon rolls, pancakes, pasta, waffles, fried chicken, gravy and literally everything else that you can make with wheat flour. Determined to not give up all of my favorite foods, I created what is Houston without Gluten: a place to document all of the awesome eateries that serve gluten-free options for people like me, who just want to eat normal things without getting sick.

Here are my personal favorite gluten-free restaurants to visit in Houston: 1. Jersey Mikes

Why: You don’t know how much you will miss a sub sandwich until you can’t have one. Plus they are very celiac safe: they clean the counters, use separate knives, and wear gloves. WHAT TO ORDER: The Big Kahuna or The Italian Grinder

2. Ruggles Black – Upper Kirby

Why: Their Menu is entirely paleo. If you have Dairy allergies you can eat here too! They have a million options that you won’t find anywhere else.

WHAT TO ORDER: Paleo Fish & Chips, Paleo Local Beef Short Rib Taco (made with an almond flour tortilla) & a molten lava Chocolate Cake.

3. Postino Wine Café – Heights

Why: Almost everything can be made gluten-free and it is such a cute environment.  

WHAT TO ORDER: From the GF Bruschetta to the GF Paninis you really can’t go wrong. My personal favorite bruschetta is the Fig and Apples with Brie. They have different GF bread options that are both delicious. Don’t forget to pair it with one of their great wine options!

4. Vino & Vinyl – Sugarland

Why: They care about their customers. The owner has personal experience with Celiac Disease and the menu is centered on that, with gluten free indicators on the menu so that you don’t have to guess. The food isn’t just safe; it’s high-quality. It doesn’t taste gluten-free, and that’s what makes it so awesome.

WHAT TO ORDER: Any flatbread! They also have unique items like fried risotto balls and stuffed portabella mushrooms that are entirely GF!

5. True Food Kitchen

Why: This place has a very clear menu with indications for GF, VEG, and Vegan. With numerous options to choose from and so far the only GF Lasagna I have found in Houston.

WHAT TO ORDER: Lasagna Bolognese or Spicy Panang Curry

6. The Original Carrabba’s – Memorial

Why: You have to ask for their GF menu, but it is almost identical to their normal menu! You are able to eat there without feeling left out, as almost every option can be made GF, which is very rare for an Italian restaurant!

WHAT TO ORDER: Pasta Rosa Maria

7. Max’s Wine Dive

Why: Because they have fried chicken that tastes better than any other fried chicken and it’s GF. WHAT TO ORDER: Fried Chicken

8. Snooze an AM Eatery

Why: They know what they are doing, and the breakfast options are bomb!

WHAT TO ORDER: Any specialty pancake can be made GF , try the pineapple upside-down pancakes or Blueberry Danish! Great GF Savory options are the Chile Verde Benny, eggs benedict with a stacked corn tortillas; and the Corned Beef Hash.

9. Dish Society

Why: There are so many options and the staff is very knowledgeable. Their menu also has GF indicators and I have never had anything that didn’t make me leave happy!

WHAT TO ORDER: Pancakes or Pork Belly Hash for Brunch. Coffee-crusted pork tenderloin with a cherry glaze for dinner. Everything at Dish Society is great!

10. Bellagreen

Why: They have pizza! They have Pasta! They have sandwiches! They have salad! They have Dessert! GF is what they DO. You won’t run out of things to try.

WHAT TO ORDER: Spicy Southwest Chicken Pasta – holy moly, thank me later.

Houston is getting better and better at the gluten free game! This is such a small list in regards to how many places there are that great options have and I am always on the hunt to find more!

Here is a list of other accommodating places in Houston:

Coltivare Pizza & Garden, The Counter, Fadi’s Mediterranean Grille, Nourish Juice Bar, North Italia, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Sweet Paris Creperie, Willy Burger, and Local Table.

For more options find me on Instagram or Facebook @Houstonwithoutgluten.

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