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5 Must-Try Restaurants and Bars in Round Top, TX

Earlier this summer, we discovered a quaint little town just one and a half hours outside of Houston. Round Top, TX may seem like your average small town having a population of less than 100, but it's actually the destination of a huge antique show and home to some delicious food. We actually loved it so much that we came back for seconds.

After our second trip to Round Top, we were able to check off all of the restaurants on our list to try, and here are our 5 must-try restaurants and bars:

1. Royer's Round Top Cafe

Our first stop in Round Top, TX was of course Royer's Round Top Cafe. Their pies are famous across the country but the gourmet comfort food that they serve up at their cafe is also incredible. Don't forget to save room for pie!

2. Royer's Pie Haven

If you aren't quite looking for a full meal, Royer's Pie Haven sells pie by the slice, both sweet and savory! You can also come to Royer's Pie Haven to purchase their pies.

3. Round Top Coffee Shop (Formerly Espressions Coffee)

You cannot leave Round Top without stopping by Round Top Coffee Shop for their breakfast tacos (and their coffee). Matt swears they are the absolutely best breakfast tacos he has ever had.

4. The Garden Company

For a nice sit down dinner with a beautiful ambiance, pay a visit to The Garden Company. They have the best outdoor patio in the back that is completely shaded by massive trees.

5. Blue Mule Winery

Blue Mule Winery is a bit of a drive off the main road, but it is worth it! Granted, the winery was closed due to COVID, we still got to enjoy their nice frozen wine drinks and walk around the farm that the winery is set on.

We know this list is far from a comprehensive list of restaurants, bars, and wineries in Round Top, but we hope this gives you a good idea on where to start when you visit! Stay tuned for updates because we may just be heading back any time soon since it's only an hour and a half drive away from Houston. It's quickly become one of our favorite weekend getaway spots!

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