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It seems like every day there's a new restaurant popping up here or a new bar opening up over there, not to mention new food trucks rolling out. It's so hard to keep up nowadays!

To help out, we're sharing 5 food trucks we are loving right now.

1. Waffle Bus

Photo Credit: Thomas C. (Yelp)

One of my favorite food trucks as of yet. Any time I see it, I have to stop for their sliders. The fries are always super crispy and their sauce is incredibly delicious.

WHAT TO ORDER: Waffle Fry Fryders

2. Spicy Dog


It's no surprise that Spicy Dog made the list. We have been absolutely obsessed with their food and constantly find ourselves craving one of their hot dogs. Here you'll find a variety of gourmet hot dogs with flavor profiles you may have never had before! These guys are totally creative and are constantly adding new and fun items to their menu.

WHAT TO ORDER: French Dog and Truffle Fries

3. Eatsie Boys


Photo Credit: Brendaa G. (Yelp)

The Eatsie Boys food truck is, to this day, one of my favorite food trucks that I happened to stumble upon. You could say it was a serendipitous find at 8th Wonder. We devoured their fries in seconds after waiting for almost 2 hours, and I would gladly wait in the line again!

WHAT TO ORDER: Elote Fries

4. Yoyo's Hotdog


Ah, the beloved Yoyo's is now a food truck, and their serving up fries too.

WHAT TO ORDER: Hotdog and Yoyo Fries

5. Coreano's


Coreano's has been around for quite some time, but they have definitely upped their game since then. You really cannot go wrong with anything you order here!

WHAT TO ORDER: Loco Pollo Burrito or The OG Burrito

6. Gyro King


This is a classic for us. We always find ourselves coming back! We absolutely love their food and their white sauce. ;)

WHAT TO ORDER: Lamb and Rice Platter

7. Arepa Grill


You won't find too many places that serves authentic Venezuelan street food, but if you've never had Venezuelan food and are feeling adventurous, Arepa Grill is the spot!

WHAT TO ORDER: Grilled Beef Patacon

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