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Holy moly I cannot believe Christmas is here in just 2 weeks! Whether you're doing some last minute gift shopping or finalizing plans to go visit family, here are 7 reasons to slow down a bit this holiday season, enjoy a little sweet treat, and reflect on everything we are grateful for this time of year.

1. Paulie's Cookies

Known for their pretty, yet delectable shortbread cookies, Paulie's is naturally the perfect pick to enjoy holiday themed treats!

2. Slowpokes

These Campfire Lattes will immediately warm you up and give you alllll the cozy vibes. Thanks for the amazing photo @HtownChubbs!

3. Snooze

We all know Snooze kicks butt when it comes to weekend brunch, but I think they've brought their offerings to a whole 'nother level with their holiday S'more Peppermint Pancakes! And of course, we had to show off our friend @thehungrypetite's photo!

P.S. Did you hear Snooze Galleria is officially open?

4. Chocolate Zeina

If there isn't chocolate oozing out of your mug, can you really call it hot chocolate? Chocolate Zeina is relatively new to the Houston scene, and the first Syrian chocolate cafes we've heard of here! If you're craving chocolate, here's your next destination.

5. Fat Cat Creamery

Fat Cat Creamery has been whipping out all the festive treats! From a Boozy Eggnog Latte Cone to a Peppermint and Dark Chocolate soft serve, they really pulled out all the stops this holiday season!

6. Cocohodo

How cute is this little snowman latte! Shout out to @nkmedeats!

7. Red Dessert Dive

Red Dessert Dive has a FULL holiday menu going on over there that includes their Spiced Pear Pound Cake with Madagascar Vanilla Bean Glaze above! Head to their website for their full menu.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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