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Karne Steakhouse is a one-of-a-kind Korean BBQ experience in Houston with a stunning ambience, quality prime and above meats, craft cocktails, and over 200 wines! And when I say stunning ambiance, I mean a truly spectacular atmosphere that was as much a highlight of the night as the meal itself. 

When you walk in you are met with an incredible array of mouth watering smells, gorgeous chandelier lighting, and lots of modern pops of art (even some indoor trees!). 

Karne offers a wide variety of specials and events throughout the week in addition to their regular dinner service. So let's dive in! 

Every day of the week they have a “Golden Hour” from 5-7pm which includes $7 bar bites, $7 cocktails, $5 beer, $7 wine, $6 martinis & $6 select well drinks. If you really want the full Golden Hour experience, come on Thursday where it's Golden Hour all day! Note: Golden Hour is only offered at the bar. 

Also on Thursdays, Karne offers 75 Cent Martinis at the bar! Yes you read that right, 75 CENTS!! This even includes one of our personal favorites, the espresso martini.

Outside of their special drink deals, you can order a wide variety of flavored soju carafes to enjoy throughout your meal as well as anything from their extensive cocktail, beer, and wine list. 

But obviously they offer more here than just drinks. It is a steakhouse after all!

When we visited we got to try some of their recently launched menu items including pork, chicken, Korean Pancakes, and Bulgogi Platter! We could really tell how high quality all of their meat was and every bite was packed with top notch flavor. 

However, we were really impressed by the Rockefeller Oysters. Not only were they super tender, but they were cooked right in front of us! What is it about cooking something over an open flame that makes it so much better? 

Throughout the month, Karne has special events such as the new monthly 'Seouful Sundays' series which features a DJ brunch experience, including Dak and Bop Korean fried chicken! Seouful Sundays happens every third Sunday of the month from 3-7pm!

In addition to Seouful Sundays, they also host a Dak and Bop pop-up every Wednesday! I like to say this means you get your KFC + KBBQ in one go!

Overall, Karne is the perfect place for a date night, upscale happy hour, special occasion dinner (Such as Mother’s and Father’s Day that you definitely don’t want to forget is coming up…) or a fun Sunday Brunch!  

2805 White Oak Dr Suite 100, Houston, TX 77007
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