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Ambrosia was a must-try for me this year for HRW. To be honest, I had heard great things, but never knew much about the restaurant. Ambrosia is a cozy little restaurant nestled between houses near the museum district, serving tapas style Asian cuisine. Locally sourced ingredients with exotic flavors and spices is their specialty. Other highlights include an impressive happy hour menu available even on the weekend, half off bottles of wine on Thursday, and $5 martinis on Wednesdays!

If you're still looking at taking advantage of some of the HRW menus before the month ends, Ambrosia should definitely be on your list for consideration. The four-course dinner menu is $35 with $5 (=15 meals) going to the Houston Food Bank.

If you're already planning to go, scroll down to see what we ordered and what we recommend. If you're on the fence, maybe this will convince you! Either way, don't forget to leave a comment to let us know what you think!


YUSHENG SALMON CRUDO || Thinly sliced raw salmon, radish, jalapenos, & cherry tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and lemon truffle soy **Order this one!

RIBEYE TATAKI || Thinly sliced ribeye, pickled pair, black garlic, crunchy garlic


WASABI SHUI MAI || Pork and wasabi shui mai with ponzu and bonito flakes **Order this one!

TOM YUM SHISHITO PEPPERS || Grilled blistered shishito peppers with hot and sour sauce


AMBROSIA STEAK FRITES || Five spice bulgogi marinated 6.5 oz filet, black garlic balsalmic, crispy noodle salad

TEXAS BASS & SHROOMS (not pictured) || 5 oz. Texas striped bass, truffled coconut cream, forest mushrooms, basil **Order this one!


Sorry y'all... Dropped the ball on getting photos of our dessert.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE || Ghirardelli chocolate, egg yolk custard, chai tea, and heavy cream

KAHLUA KULFI || Traditional indian ice cream flavored with kahlua and chocolate **Order this one!

2003 Lexington St

Houston, TX 77098

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