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An Affordable Foodie Destination Just 1.5 Hours from Houston? It Does Exist!

We all know Houston is a huge foodie city, but did you know that just one and a half hours away there is another foodie destination? And the best part is that it is incredibly affordable as well. That’s right...Beaumont!

Beaumont is a town just East of Houston, between the Texas and Louisiana border, and it’s filled with some wonderful and unique restaurants, making it the perfect getaway for a food-filled weekend.

This past week, we got to spend a full weekend exploring Beaumont and all it has to offer - nature, history, and most importantly of course, the food and drinks! Since we know that y’all take food just as seriously as we do, we are sharing all the very best restaurants that made us giddy with joy.

Now, we would like to disclaim that we were very limited on time, so we did not get to hit every single restaurant, so if there is a hidden spot we missed that you think needs some love, please leave us a comment below!

And now, without further ado, here are our top places to eat in Beaumont:


1. Katharine & Company

Known for their healthy lunches and catering options, Katharine & Company has a unique schedule and is only open for brunch on the second Sunday of every month! So if you want to add it to your list, you’ll need to plan ahead. It’s lighter and healthier than your typical brunch food, and we aren’t mad about it. We loved walking away from our meal full but without feeling bogged down!

What to order: Blueberry Scone, Chorizo Enchiladas, Smoked Salmon Bagel

2. J. Wilson’s

Now if a hearty brunch is your thing, J. Wilson’s is where it’s at. Tons of y’all from Beaumont also recommended this place, and after going there, we can 100% see why. They take a lot of your classic brunch dishes and somehow finesse them into so much more.

What to order: Oyster Nachos, Man Candy, J Dub’s Chicken & Waffle

3. Raos Bakery

Opening its doors in 1941, Raos Bakery is the oldest Italian bakery in Texas, and so they are appropriately known for their warm, flaky baked goods. The original location sits on Calder street and makes for the perfect breakfast and coffee spot.

What to order: Cinnamon Roll, Jalapeno Cheese Kolache


4. Chaba Thai

A town favorite for Thai food, Chaba Thai is a must for Asian cuisine in Beaumont. Not only is the food very authentic and delicious, but it’s a fun experience, as they have traditional “sit on the floor” seating! How cool is that?

What to order: Red Curry Chicken, Pad Kee Mao

5. Amelia Farm & Market

Originally a fig tree farm turned pecan tree farm, Amelia Farm & Market remains a farm and venue with a restaurant and bar on premise. It has a beautiful view to watch the sunset all while enjoying a hearty meal, so grab a seat at the patio or bring a blanket to have yourself a picnic! We also must add they have some of the best fried okra and pickles in Texas.

What to order: Market Nachos, Fried Veggies

6. Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant

Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant is home to one of the top 10 queso’s in Texas, and I fully support the nomination. It is the perfect amount of creamy and chunky, my mouth is already watering thinking about it. If I’m being completely honest, I could probably chug a tall glass of their queso, no shame. 

What to order: Queso, Fajitas


7. La Real Michochana

Because you can’t really complete a food adventure without dessert, make a quick stop at La Real Michochana. Order the most colorful and exciting frozen desserts East of Houston and snap a photo for the ‘gram. Their ice cream and drinks are all made in house, including their popsicles, so it isn’t all just about show. The flavors are just as vibrant too! 

What to order: Mangonada, Bionicos


8. Pour Brothers Brewery

Be your own bartender at Pour Brothers Brewery. This is not your traditional brewery. Upon entry, you will be given a card that you will use to pour your own brew. As you fill up your glass, the card will keep track of how much you owe based on how much you pour, which allows you to control how much of each beer you want to drink! It’s a crazy cool concept we’d love to see more of.

9. Struggle Street Brewery

A brewery known for its delicious hand-crafted beer with unique flavors, Struggle Street is where to grab a flight of beers that you’ve probably never knew existed. You’ll find an eclectic selection - everything from Caramel Apple to Blueberry Muffin flavored beer. Wild!

10. Little Woodrow’s

There may be a Little Woodrow’s in Houston, but you can’t find one as nice as the one in Beaumont! The location is brand new and fully equipped with outdoor games, firepits, and SWINGS!

Beaumont is only a little over an hour drive away, so a day trip is completely possible and highly encouraged, but in case you want to make a weekend of it, consider staying at the MCM Elegante. It is hands down the nicest place to stay in Beaumont, and it’s definitely affordable.

If you’re looking to break up the day with some sightseeing, here are some things to do:

1. Go birding at Cattail Marsh.

2. Take a stroll at the Botanical Gardens.

3. Explore the Free Art, Energy, and Fire Museums.

4. Catch a $5 movie at Jefferson Theater.

5. Walk down the restored historic Crockett Street.

We had a blast in Beaumont and were surprised at how affordable was. You could probably have spent less than $10 at each location we stopped at, which is just unheard of within Houston city limits! I would highly recommend a quick trip over if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in this small, lovely town with good food and company.

Thank you Visit Beaumont for treating us to such a fun, food-filled weekend. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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