Blackbird Izakaya: Casual Japanese Gem in the Heights

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

If you're looking for a new spot to go with your lunch crew, Blackbird Izakaya has you covered. This rather new, casual Japanese restaurant is perfect if you're wanting something a little more exotic to spice up your work day.

While there are traditional noodles and rice offerings, the menu mainly consists of hot and cold small plates that are meant to be shared. This is my personal favorite way to dine, so I have the opportunity to try more things on the menu. Hot tip: make sure you're bringing along coworkers or friends that are open to sharing!


BUFFALO TORI KARAAGE || Deep fried kimchi marinated chicken

SCALLOP UNI/IKURA || Char-grilled scallop


POTATO SALAD || Japanese style potato salad with soft poached egg