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Blue Skies Retro Resort Stay near Fredericksburg, TX

Our first time in Fredericksburg, TX was one for the books! Although things are looking a lot different right now and we did not get the full Fredericksburg experience, we did get our much needed change of pace and scenery at Blue Skies Retro Resort!

If you're looking for a weekend getaway or vacation idea and are considering Fredericksburg, TX, Blue Skies Retro Resort would be a great destination! It's just a 15 minute drive to Main Street Fredericksburg and Enchanted Rock (don't forget to make a reservation before your trip). It's also only a 4 hour drive from Houston, TX.

Here is all you need to know before you go:

There are 5 different trailers that are all super spaced out across the property.

Each unit has a large patio space, lounge chairs, and fire pit. Fire wood and starter are also provided.

While the trailers itself are quite cozy, they come fully equipped with a kitchenette, microwave, fridge, running water, A/C, TV, and even a little sitting nook.

Each trailer has a compact bathroom, but they are mostly for emergencies. A short walk past the pool brings you to a spacious private bathroom.

The bathroom is stocked with shower and beach towels, robes, and essential toiletries.

Fun fact: The showers are outdoor so you can shower with a view of the clouds or stars! Don't worry though, they're completely private.

There is a large common lounge space with a shared grill!

The pool is essential during the summers. Since there aren't a whole lot of trees around, Blue Skies gets a LOT of sun. A dip in the pool is great to cool down.

All the units face West, so you can sit on your patio space and enjoy the most beautiful Texas sunsets!

Even if you don't head into the city, Blue Skies Retro Resort gives off the tropical paradise feel and is just a great place to just get away, relax, and enjoy the simpler things in life.

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