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It's no secret that Houston is largely diverse. To me, that's what makes Houston's food scene so great - so many cuisine options! One that I did not think I would ever come across is Tex-In - think Southern comfort food with an added flair of Indian food. The range of options available is astounding, covering everything from American classics such as Chicken + Waffles and Country Fried Steak to more traditional Indian styled dishes like Mumbai Pani and Shrimp Malai Curry.

THE TEXAS-SIZED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES || Waffle topped with fried chicken, served with maple syrup

A fluffy, buttery waffle resembling the greatest state in the U.S. alongside some very crispy, semi-sweet tenders!

THE HIMALAYAN HEAT || Indian inspired - mozzarella, grilled onions, jalapeños, tomato

This one is for all you spicy lovers out there. It comes with an Indian inspired house sauce that is homemade and certain to put get those taste buds on fire.

SAMOSAS || Meat or veggie

6 PIECE MUMBAI PANI PURI || Indian street fare served with curried chickpeas & chutneys

One of my favorite dishes to try, this is a classic Indian dish where you fill the seminal puffs with chickpeas and a combination of multiple sauces to give you a crunchy, juicy, flavor filled bite! We would highly recommend this as one of your beginning appetizers.

From front to back:

ACHAR OKRA BHINDI || Spiced okra and potato spiced with achaar pickle masala

CHANA MASALA || Chickpeas, potato, and tomato curried in a Punjabi masala

SAAG PANEER || Spinach sautéed with paneer cheese

DAAL TARKA || Mixture of lentils simmered with curry leaves, ginger, and turmeric finished with a Gujarati Tarka


This is a staple dish in the Deep South, and stays true to its reputation. A wonderfully crunchy steak that you can drown in creamy gravy with a side of grilled Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.

NAAN 65 QUESADILLA || CNI twist on a texas favorite; vegetarian, chicken, or shrimp

These aren't your average quesadillas, they use naan instead of tortillas and stuff it to the brim with shrimp and that oh so cheesy goodness.

WILD WINGS || Honey sriracha

A tasty combination of sweet and spicy!

They have a fairly large patio and, wait for it, mimosa brunch specials! What better combo could you ask for?

1901 Taft St

Houston, TX 77006

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