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Last weekend, Craft Pita celebrated their grand opening in the Galleria area. The family-owned fast-fine Mediterranean eatery has quickly become one of my favorite new restaurants. The blueprint of the entire restaurant was just a dream until earlier this year when the perfect location opened up off San Felipe, and that dream quickly became a reality.

Craft Pita focuses on serving up fresh, quality Mediterranean food in a casual atmosphere, while locally sourcing most of their ingredients and products. What they don't source locally is imported from top tier vendors. Needless to say, this restaurant was born out of love, and it definitely shows in how refined their food is and how dedicated the entire family is to making Craft Pita a success.

A couple weekends ago, I attended the media preview night, and I was completely blown away. The food was incredible. Here's a peek at the menu!

HUMMUS || Olive oil, pine nuts, Aleppo pepper, chickpeas, parsley

YOGURT SPREAD (LABNEH) || Olive oil, Qatar

BEEF BOWL || Ground beef kata patties, cucumber yogurt, tabbouleh, pickled turnips, red cabbage, parsley, red onion

CHICKEN BOWL || Rotisserie chicken, garlic aioli, roasted nuts, tabbouleh, red cabbage, parsley

ROTISSERIE CHICKEN || Served with fries, garlic aioli, and pita bread

CHICKEN PITA SANDWICH || Rotisserie chicken, garlic aioli, roasted potatoes, red cabbage, tomato, pickles, lettuce, parsley

TABBOULEH SALAD || Parsley, tomato, cucumber, bulgur wheat

FALAFEL || Chickpea fritters served with tahini sauce, parsley, tomato, pickled turnip

I personally really enjoyed the beef kafta and the falafel, but their rotisserie chicken is also super special. Try it all!!!

1920 Fountain View Dr

Houston, TX 77057

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