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Across the country, Rakkan Ramen has been serving authentic Japanese ramen since 2017. What started out in 2011 as a small, 4 seater ramen bar in Tokyo has now expanded to the US in 7 states including Texas!

They have opened multiple locations across Houston, and we recently visited their newest location by the Galleria. This Post Oak restaurant features their classic array of Ramens, Appetizers, and Buns, as well as a brand new Sushi menu!

But, we saved the BEST news for last! The new location is the first one to have a full bar and cocktail program! We got to try their new signature cocktail, the Enchanted Rose, which has a dazzling presentation we have yet to see anywhere else. You need to order one to see it sparkle!

While you can only get the Enchanted Rose at this location, you can enjoy a Happy Hour at all Rakkan Ramen locations! They offer $6.00 select appetizers, $3.50 buns, $7.00 house sake, and $5.00 beer and wine.

To start our meal we sampled the Crispy Vegan Gyoza and Takoyaki. The Vegan Gyoza was packed full of yummy veggies (so that counts as our veggies for the meal right?).

All of the nigiris on the new sushi menu were DELICIOUS! They made for the perfect pairing with our ramen.

Rakkan Ramen takes a lot of pride in how they develop their Ramen broth through a long process of simmering vegetables and seasoning with soy sauce, salt, and miso. And let us tell you, all of that time PAYS OFF! Their broth may be vegan, but it is packed with a deep umami flavor. Plus, our veggie and vegan friends get to enjoy too. We ordered their LTO Spicy Curry and Quartz Vegan ramen this time, and both were incredibly flavorful and tasty!

For dessert, we got to try the Matcha Tiramisu. We loved this creative Japanese take on the dessert and thought the sweetness of the cream perfectly balanced the grassy notes of the matcha.

Overall, this is a wonderful spot to grab some soul warming Ramen and a nice drink that will help you unwind after a long day.

Multiple Locations across Houston

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