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Shot of Art is a one-of-a-kind experience that was founded in NYC and recently opened here in Houston! Unleash your inner artist here with one of their painting experiences that *require no artistic talent whatsoever* for date night, birthday party, GNO, and family activities! No matter your skill level or colors you choose, you’ll leave with a masterpiece to decorate your home with.

Shot of Art offers several experiences that you can choose from:

  • Shooting and Spinning 〰️ Using an airsoft gun, shoot down balloons filled with paint, and watch your abstract work of art come together as it spins (18+ only)
  • Fluid Art 〰️ Design gorgeous patterns using acrylic paints, silicone and a torch (for ages 3+)
  • Spinning 〰️ Drip, splash, or pour your paint onto the canvas and watch as it’s spun into a unique painting (for ages 3+)
  • Art Room 〰️ Pamper your inner child by booking a room and painting the walls, furniture, and ceiling (for ages 3+)
  • Book a combination of all these experiences with the Art Boom Package.

We did a combo of Shooting and Spinning & Fluid Art, and we had such a blast! Plus, our pieces turned out SO well. We can’t wait to hang them in our home!

Booking in advance is required through their website!

1917 Silver St, Houston, TX 77007
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