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Indianola: New Minimalist Modern American Restaurant in EaDo

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

As you may recall, we shared an incredible brunch at Night Heron, a hip little bistro in Montrose that serves up a delicious menu by day and cocktails by night. Agricole Hospitality is actually the brains behind the establishment, and as of late last year, they have taken over EaDo with 3 new concepts, one of which is Indianola.

Indianola is an airy and minimalist restaurant, featuring neutrals with pops of greenery along the wooden slats on the ceiling. It is absolutely stunning, and I cannot get over it.

As you know, Indianola's Paul Lewis will be participating in this year's Chef Fest (more details will be posted tomorrow), so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight the Modern American fare offered at Indianola.

Our visit happened right between brunch and dinner, so we tried a few things off the dinner menu and a couple cocktails off the brunch menu. Overall, loved the emphasis on fresh vegetables and ingredients. Their knowledge and love for food really shines through with the different flavor profiles and mix of textures in each dish.

BUTTER BEAN HUMMUS || French feta, hazelnut dukkah, crostini, olive oil

CHARRED CARROTS || Green goddess, pickled trinity, cripsy quinoa

*We'll let you in on a little secret, the dish Chef Paul Lewis will be featuring at Chef Fest 2019 may be similar to this one right here, and y'all it's GOOD!

INDIANOLA SOURDOUGH (Back right) || Cultured butter, sea salt

SLOW COOKED PORK RIBS (Front right) || Fermented chili, pickled radish, Thai basil

BOWLER || Clarified orange juice, sparkling wine, Ivy Mountain peach brandy

CARROT JUICE BLOODY MARY || Vodka, carrot, lime, serrano, spices, pickled veggies

We were planning on giving you the "highly recommended dishes" from what we ordered, but we couldn't pick just one or two specific items! Everything was fantastic, and we would reorder any of them.

1201 St Emanuel St

Houston, TX 77003

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