Just Grk: Our New Favorite Gyro in H-Town

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

There are a ton of gyro places all over Houston, but how many of those are actually staying true to their Greek origins? We haven’t ventured out to them all yet, but we know of at least one: Just Grk!

The owners created this true-to-its-roots Greek restaurant based upon their combined 50 years of experience living in Greece, even going so far as incorporating their Grandmother’s homemade burger recipe (SO good, by the way). The best part is they figured out how to do it using locally sourced products with absolutely zero freezing involved to maximize freshness. So what exactly do they have on the menu? Lets take a look.


These are the staple menu items and boy, are they delicious. The meat is hand stacked and hand seasoned, allowed to marinate for one day, and then slowly turned on a vertical rotisserie. It is then topped with a homemade sauce (derived from yogurt imported from Greece) and some crispy fries!


One of our favorite dishes on the menu. These don’t resemble the type of burger you’d see at an American joint, rather they look like meat sliders with the garnishes on the side. They are more similar to meatballs than a meat patty and come with a spicy dipping sauce that is to die for. I think this might’ve been our favorite dish despite it not winning the beauty contest.