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KA Sushi: Fresh, Innovative, and Modern Sushi Spot in The Heights

Ka Sushi is not your average sushi restaurant. They go well beyond your typical Spicy Salmon Roll or Alaskan Roll, and above all, they do not skimp on quality. The sashimi and crudo section of the menu is where Ka really shines. Fair warning - these sections of the menu do get pricey, but it is to be expected for the quality of fish.

Scroll on down and take a gander at what I got to try off the menu. Everything was so good, so if you need help ordering, get one of the dishes below!



HIRAME KA'RPACCIO || Flounder, wasabi oil, shies, radish, barely, ponzu

HAMACHI CHILI || Cilantro, pickled Thai peppers, garlic chips, ponzu, orange oil


NEGI MAKI || Angus beef, scallions, avocado, teriyaki

1901 N Shepherd Dr #1

Houston, TX 77008

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