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Lotus Seafood: Ultimate Spot for Seafood in Houston

Lotus Seafood may be new to us, but they are most definitely not new to the Houston food scene. With the ever changing restaurant scene in Houston, one might say Lotus Seafood is a veteran! Over the years, they have expanded to four different locations with more on the way.

For now, they are nestled in the outer loop of Houston - one in North Houston, two in West Houston, and one in Pearland. While this may be a bit of a drive for all you inner loopers out there, I would gladly make the drive every week to get my hands on their food (and that it saying a lot)!

The menu is pretty simple at Lotus Seafood. You can either do a combo of different types of seafood or choose one of their specials or rice/noodle dishes! Highly recommend the LOUD PACK, FRIED LOBSTER + LOUISIANA FRIED RICE, or HOT BOX, all of which are photographed above.

Most of their dishes are not diet friendly, especially when you drench it in their famous CRACK SAUCE, which is made with a whole lot of butter. However, they recently come out with a salad, topped with all your favorite seafood.

Multiple locations

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