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Mademoiselle Louise: Newest French Bakery in Downtown

Updated: May 23, 2019

In January, a new French bakery hit the streets of Downtown Houston, beneath SkyHouse Houston to be exact. Mademoiselle Louise is the cutest little shop with bistro chairs, marble top tables, and a beautiful selection of pastries, baked goods, and coffee. Chef and owner Frederick was not always in the bakery business but is clearly meant to be. All pastries are made fresh, from scratch and are beautifully crafted. Everything I tasted was absolutely perfect in every way, so RUN over to check this bakery out ASAP.

Until then, here's a preview of some of the items we tried and loved.


Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This is a long choux pastry filled with chocolate, and it is amazing.


One of my favorites of the afternoon. I have never tried a pastry like this one before but it's incredible! It has the texture of a croissant but has a light glaze on top that makes it a tad sweet.


The flakiness in their croissant is unreal! I also learned that the inside of a croissant can tell you if it was prepared correctly. The honeycomb design is key!


Y'all know I love a good creme brûlée, and I think this one has been my absolute favorite thus far. They use real vanilla bean (you'll see the little black specks in the custard), and that layer of caramelized sugar was on point.


For Easter weekend, they are featuring this delicious coconut mousse treat that is filled with tropical fruits! Isn't it adorable?! Make sure to come in this weekend to try this special offering.

1725 Main St Suite 1

Houston, TX 77002

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