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Mama Le Vietnamese Cuisine: New Spot for Delicious Pho

Updated: May 24, 2019

Last week, Matt and I played the "if you can only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be" game. My answer was easy - Vietnamese. I grew up eating mostly Vietnamese food every single day and would happily spend the rest of my life eating only that type of food! (Fortunately, we live in a city where that would be impossible, especially as food bloggers. I'm saying if I had to, not that I would want that kind of life.)

There are tons of Vietnamese restaurant options here in Houston, but the most recent one that we are currently loving is Mama Le Vietnamese Cuisine. It's over in Richmond, just on the outskirts of Sugar Land. The menu is filled with all the well known traditional dishes in the Vietnamese cuisine, and they are all incredible. The laidback and inviting atmosphere also makes this an excellent new spot for when you're craving Pho or if you're wanting to try other Vietnamese dishes.


SPRING ROLLS || Pork, shrimp, lettuce, bean sprout, house special sauce

EGG ROLLS || Pork, shrimp, taro, carrot, vermicelli, sweet & sour fish sauce


BEEF NOODLE SOUP || Tenderloin, flank, brisket, meatball, rice noodle, and beef broth

Y'all, I am normally very picky about my pho. It can't be too sweet or too salty, the broth needs to be flavorful without all extra sauces, and there needs to be a good noodle to meat ratio! Mama Le checks all the boxes here.

BEEF STEW || Diced beef stew, carrot, onion, and French bread

If you've never had Vietnamese beef stew, try this one right here. They make it so well! The soup is served with bread so you can dip it into the broth of the stew, soak up alllll the flavor, and enjoy with a bit of a crunchy texture!


BEACHSIDE BONFIRE || Mango, tan, and chamoy sauce

STRAWBERRY MATCHA LATTE (Right) | Strawberry bits, milk, and super matcha

Mama Le has an extensive menu of different lattes, milk teas, smoothies, fruit teas, and coffee! Great for a hot summer day, which will be here before you know it!


FLAN || Condensed, evaporated milk, and caramel sauce

This flan is extra special with the touch of coffee that they use to flavor the flan.

CREME BRULEE || French classic creme brûlée and crispy caramelized sugar

Y'all know I can't resist this dessert. Love that crispy sugar shell that you have to break into!

A few closing notes:

1. Vegetarian options and kid menu available (kids 10 & under eat free with the purchase of one adult entree on Sunday's).

2. They offer a lunch and dinner combo!

3. Such a friendly staff!

4. Plenty of parking available.

5. BOGO drinks during the week from 2pm - 5pm

5400 Pointe West Ci, #180

Richmond, TX 77469

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