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Night Heron: Brunch at Travel Inspired Bistro in Montrose

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Earlier this year, Agricole Hospitality opened up Montrose's newest and hottest restaurant and bar, Night Heron. While the cocktail menu offers a progressive twist on your classics like the margarita, mojito, and others, the dinner and brunch menus boast coastal international influence with their added flair to dishes like congee, fried rice, and clams. The spacious interior and modest patio area also make this an easy spot to catch up with friends or even bring a date. 

A couple weekends ago, we went to Night Heron for brunch, which is offered on Saturday's and Sunday's from 11:00am to 3:30pm. The menu includes a few items that are also on the dinner menu, but with the addition of elevated brunch items that take a not-so-traditional approach.

CROISSANT SANDWICH || Scrambled yard eggs, sausage, strawberry jams, watercress

SMOKED CHEDDAR BURGER || 44 Farms beef, everything bun, curry fries

Those curry fries were amazing. I would gladly eat just a plate of them, but honestly they are the perfect addition to the burger. I mean, look at that egg!

HONEY CHICKEN BISCUIT || Pink peppercorn honey, yard egg

The more orange the yolk the better, am I right? This was such a delicious take on the beloved

Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit from Whataburger. Hands down, my favorite dish of the morning.

TAQUITOS RANCHEROS || Roasted peppers, queso fresco, tomatillo salsa, fried egg

WHAT TO ORDER: Honey Chicken Biscuit and Smoked Cheddar Burger

PRICE RANGE: $11-16 (Based on full-size dish)

1601 W Main St

Houston, TX 77006

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