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Being a native Dallasite, seeing all these amazing Dallas-based concepts moving to the Houston area gives me so much pride in both my cities, especially since I was a huge fan of the most recent additions that came from up North. One of those is Shell Shack! Would y'all believe I actually worked right across from the Uptown Dallas location a couple years back!? To say I was stoked to find out that they were opening a location here in the Heights would be quite the understatement.

Shell Shack is your one stop shop to a complete seafood experience. They serve up delicious fried catfish, seafood boil (with their signature Shell Shack wet marinade that can be customized to your liking), alligator tenders, and crab stuffed tater tots, just to name a few. Looking to find the middle ground between high end and low end seafood, prices are fair at Shell Shack, without compromising the quality of the food.

Take a peek at our complete meal below. We enjoyed everything and would order any of them again.

CRAB STUFFED TATER TOTS (Top left) || Tater tots stuffed with crab with choice of 2 sauces

CALAMARI (Bottom) || Crispy calamari topped with fresh cut peppers with choice of 2 sauces

CRAWFISH TAILS (Top right) || Breaded crawfish tails with choice of 2 side sauces

They make all their side sauces in house, and y'all their tartar sauce is probably the best I've had. It's incredible! They also make cocktail, ranch, blue cheese, and honey mustard sauces.

CATFISH PLATE || Southern style fried catfish fillets served with fresh hand cut fries and 2 sides of sauces

GRILLED SHRIMP || Grilled garlic butter marinated shrimp served with choice of 2 sides

BUFFALO SHRIMP || Large crispy shrimp tossed in Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce served with fresh hand cut fries and 2 side sauces

SEAFOOD BOIL || Custom built seafood with the Shell Shack Signature Infused Wet Marinade

You cannot go to Shell Shack and not get the boil. Basically you build your boil how you want it and  customize the flavor, heat level, and extras. We got the Kitchen Sink (aka the all in flavor), and it was super tasty. 10/10 would probably get every time.

Also, Shell Shack has a surprisingly amazing cocktail menu. We tried one of everything. Yes, everything. And you cannot go wrong with anything. My personal favorite was the Bloody Mary, and I am pretty picky when it comes to Bloody Mary's. It was the perfect combination of spicy and tangy. The Hurricane Shack and the Blue Hawaiian were also very tasty.

CARROT CAKE || Handmade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and caramel sauce

BREAD PUDDING || Warm bread pudding topped with caramel sauce and a scoop of sea salt

caramel gelato

Are you hungry yet? Because I am starving now! Haha.

A few final notes:

1. Complimentary valet is always available.

2. Happy Hour is from 4-7pm and $1 oysters from 4-6pm every weekday.

3. We love the outdoor patio and upstairs patio that features a view of downtown!

4. They are currently working on a lunch menu that will have cheaper options!

2412 Washington Ave

Houston, TX 77007

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