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If you've ever been to Nippon Restaurant on the outskirts of Montrose, you may recognize the name Chef Naoki Yoshida, who is in fact the son of Nippon's owner. Wanting to bring a more modern approach to Japanese cuisine to Houston, Yoshida set out to open up Shun Japanese Restaurant. As of early last week, Shun is officially open to the public!

We attended the pre-opening event last week and previewed the new menu, which features Japanese dishes but with local influence. On the menu you'll find dishes with sprinkles of the Houston touch, such as Nihon Curry Hushpuppies and Tako Dogs. As you scroll down you'll see everything we tasted! Our favorites include the Yuzu Ceviche and Naoki Roll.

NAOKI ROLL || Crispy rice, spicy tuna, avocado, micro shiso, spicy aioli, unagi sauce

YUZU CEVICHE || Seafood assortment, mixed vegetables, jalapeno, yuzu oil

ROBATAYAKI || Tori-yawa (chicken skin), wagutan (wagyu tongue)

SABA YAKI || Norwegian mackerel, house slaw

MISODAI || Gulf snapper, miso, local honey

YELLOW AMBER ROLL || Hamachi, jalapeno, miso carrot, avocado, yuzu tobiko, micro shiso, ponzu


The inside of the restaurant also flaunts a beautifully designed modern sushi bar and sake bar. I personally love the wooden accents, the Japanese decorations on the walls, and the colorful mural when you first walk into the restaurant, which not pictured here, so you'll have to go and see for yourself. ;)

Until Shun receives their liquor license, it will be BYOB, so don't forget to bring your favorite wine and beer!

2802 S Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX 77098

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