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Slurp Ramen Factory: Our New Favorite Ramen in the Houston Metroplex

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

A couple weeks ago we shared our favorite soup spots right now. There were a few places we hadn't really talked about much here, and some of them are really worth having a its own designated blog post, especially Slurp Ramen Factory.

Slurp opened its doors in Richmond, TX (right by Katy, TX) earlier this year, serving up all natural seasonal and local Japanese-American cuisine. Everything is made from scratch (other than the noodles, which comes from the most popular and best noodle makers in the country), and absolutely no artificial flavorings, MSGs, or flavor enhancers are used in the process.


BASIL POPCORN CHICKEN || Light and crispy, seasoned with basil five spice

RAMEN BURGER PORK || Handcrafted ramen patties, fire charred pork chashu, spinach, corn and sriracha mayo

TACOS || Off-menu, with sriracha mayo that is made completely in house


CHICKEN SHOYU || Chicken and kombu broth, shoyu tare, straight noodles served with fire charred chicken chashu, ajitame, seasoned spinach and scallions

MAZEMEN || Brothless, cold noodles with roasted chili, black garlic, shoyu tare, chicken chashu, spinach, kombu, seaweed sesame and poached egg


MATCHA RICE PUDDING || Green tea rice pudding

The interior design is also worth mentioning and praising. Love how sleek and clean the ramen bar looks, as well as the kitchen! We also loved being able to see what all went into our food and we got to see owner and Chef Phil Guo in action! Both his passion and love for food truly shined through not only in the kitchen but as he described his food and mission behind Slurp too. Paying a visit to Slurp was quite the unexpected treat, as you know we don't travel far often. If you get a chance, definitely try to stop by soon. Really anything you order will be amazing, but we highly recommend any of the dishes above.

5530 West Grand Parkway South #550

Richmond, TX 77406

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