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SomiSomi: Soft Serve & Taiyaki Has Made It to Houston... With Multiple Locations!

That is right. The ever so popular SomiSomi is officially in Houston with not just one, but TWO locations. The first one opened up in Katy, and the second location followed not too long after in Sugar Land.

I first tried taiyaki in San Francisco, and I will admit that it was a huge let down! I had been seeing it all over social media, and while it was cute and super photogenic, the cone itself fell flat. Now, a couple years later, the trend has made it to Houston, and I naturally had to get the 4-1-1 on SomiSomi.

If you've never heard of taiyaki before, it is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, and is commonly filled with red bean paste, chocolate, custard, cheese, sweet potato, and more. At SomiSomi, you fill your taiyaki with either Nutella, custard, red bean, or taro, pick your ice cream flavor, then choose from a variety of toppings. It makes for the cutest little treat, but trust me when I say that they are not just photogenic at this dessert shop. Their taiyaki has the perfect crisp to it with a touch of chewiness, and their soft serve ice cream is super creamy and delicious. We got the Milk Tea + Matcha Swirl (left) and the Taro (right), and would recommend either!

Multiple locations

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