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One of the best duos in food is the classic surf and turf — but we don’t mean the same old standard surf and turf that you’re used to! Midnight Kabob and Seafood is taking it to the next level! Located in Chinatown, they offer a menu full of flavorful food that ranges from shellfish and fish to grilled meat and veggie kabobs.

Inside, you’ll find a laid-back, casual environment with plenty of indoor seating. You can really hear all of the food sizzling on their grill, which means you know it's going to be hot and fresh when you order it.

Let’s start with the "SURF" part of their menu. They offer a variety of seafood like crawfish, crab, jumbo oysters, conch, and clams. We were particularly impressed by their massive oysters! 🦪 Plus, their crawfish was also super tender and had more of that delicious seasoning all over it.

Now, on to the "TURF" part of the menu. They offer a ton of different kabobs that include both meat and vegetables. We got to try the Pork Belly with Enoki Mushroom, Beef with Fat, Lamb, Marbled Beef, Rice Cake, String Beans, and Potato.

It was like being in savory lollipop heaven! Every bite was packed with flavor, and each meat or vegetable really brought something different but delicious to the table. (Although we are always going to be partial to a good pork belly and mushroom combo.)

If you really want to bring on the summer vacation, you can get a beer tower! They also have other beverages, including soju.

This is a great place for a casual but killer bite to eat, especially with a group of friends. Plus, they're open until 1 am every day, so it's a great late-night spot.

9889 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036
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