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Take Your Taste Buds on Vacation without Airfare: 10 International Restaurants To Try in Houston

A while back, our friends at Houston's Got Spice shared 10 incredible international restaurants with us, and we loved all of their recommendations so much that we asked them to share more places for us to try! If you're new around here, Houston's Got Spice is a local food blog that highlights international cuisine in Houston. They find some of the best restaurants, so if you don't already follow them, go ahead and give them a follow!

Alright, here's Houston's Got Spice:

You may or may not have gotten through our first 10 recommended spots for sampling Houston’s delicious international cuisine – but here are 10 more gems to add to your list! Aren’t we lucky to live in a city where we can enjoy Afghan, Cuban, or Malaysian food on any day of the week? Get ready to head out to West Houston this time for more food adventures!

1. Korea House

This amazing Korean BBQ spot is right in the middle of Koreatown in Spring Branch. This is our favorite place to go for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, which is perfect for enjoying with a hungry group. Once your party decides on which meat menu you like the best, a whole world of sliced meats and banchan (Korean side dishes) begin arriving at your table. Once the grill is switched on, the responsibility of grilling up the meat will be in your hands (or tongs). Pro tip: the dish of thin-sliced green veggie is actually radish, and can be used as a wrap for other bits of sides and meat as your taste buds see fit. 

10078 Long Point Rd

Houston, TX 77055

2. Wula Buhuan

Wula Buhuan will Sichuan fire with their authentic Chinese dishes! Of course, they specialize in meals inspired by the Sichuan Province, namesake of the famous Sichuan peppercorn. Eating food cooked with Sichuan peppercorns won’t burn your mouth like other “spicy” ingredients like cayenne; instead, they give you a sort of numbing sensation (yes this is normal) accompanied by a floral, herbal taste. This rich, bold flavor is an experience unique to this region of China, and the Spicy Boiled Fish at Wula is one of the most delicious ways you can sample it. Honestly though, everything they prepare is amazing; you can’t go wrong!

13346 Briar Forest Dr

Houston, TX 77077

3. Pho Bo To & Bo Ne

“Bo ne” has become by new obsession, and it should be yours, too. After all, who wouldn’t crave tender pieces of filet seared in butter, served with a fried egg and fresh banh mi (baguette)? Making a little sandwich out of the bread, steak, egg, hollandaise and pâté is one of the most satisfying breakfasts, or lunches out there. We can thank Vietnam for this guilty pleasure, and even for the cow-shaped skillet that the steak and eggs sizzle on as they are placed in front of you. 

8388 W Sam Houston Pkwy S #162

Houston, TX 77072

4. Chopan Kabob House

Like many “hole in the wall” restaurants, this place might not look like much from the outside, but walking in is a pleasant surprise. This Afghan restaurant is nicely decorated, complete with a traditional floor-seating area with pillows, for groups. This is one of the very few Afghan restaurants in Houston, and they do a fantastic job. Make sure to order the “mantoo,” which are Afghan dumplings that will keep you coming back for more, the green tea (a staple in Afghanistan), the Afghan naan, and the eggplant “borani badenjan” dip. 

13117 Westheimer Rd

Houston, TX 77077

5. Aga’s Restaurant & Catering

Aga’s has become renowned in Houston for it’s high quality, highly flavorful halal Pakistani and Indian dishes. This is where I always tell people to go first when I’m asked for non-vegetarian Indian or Pakistani recommendations. If you want to have the maximum fullness of flavor, make sure to order your dishes spicy, not mild! Nihari is a classic Indo-Pak dish that you need to try ASAP. Get some garlic naan to go with it, rice, and definitely some kulfi (Indian-style ice cream) to help cool your mouth down after this intense pot of deliciousness! 

11842 Wilcrest Dr

Houston, TX 77031

6. Maharajah Bhog

If Aga’s is my best non-veg recommendation, Maharajah Bhog is my go-to for vegetarian Indian dishes. Dining here is not your typical sit down, look at a menu, and order type of experience. First, there are no menus. Your shining metal thali bowls are already on the table, empty and waiting for you to start. Once you take a seat, a server comes by with a hand-washing bowl. Next, another server arrives with a plate of coins and a little piggybank shaped like a cow. Putting a coin in the cow represents a donation to charity. Finally, servers begin coming by the table to fill up your little thali dishes with whatever delicious curries, stews, veggies, breads, and desserts that they’re making that day. This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, so servers will refill your bowls an unlimited amount of times! 

8338 Southwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77074

7. Phat Eatery

Phat Eatery does Malaysian food justice on many levels. Located in the new Katy Asian Town complex, the interior décor is just as inviting and delightful as the unique food they serve. This delicious spot was just named one of Houston’s top 12 new restaurants by KPRC for good reason. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, satay, tofu or noodles, Phat Eatery has the freshness and flavor to satisfy your craving. Whatever you choose, starting out with the flaky, buttery Roti Canai (Indian flatbread) as an appetizer. And of course, being in Katy Asian Town, you’ve got some great options for dessert afterward, if you have room!

23119 Colonial Pkwy b2

Katy, TX 77449

8. La Viña

Tucked away in a strip center, you probably wouldn’t stumble upon La Viña unless someone pointed it out to you. As a participant in Latin Restaurant Weeks, this Cuban restaurant is appreciated in the community for preparing dishes such as Ropa Vieja, Bistec de Palomilla, Cuban coffee, plantains, flan, which should be enough to keep you full for days. The dining room wall is covered with a mural of the streets of Cuba, inspiring the thought of future travels for some, and memories of home for others. 

9381 Richmond Ave

Houston, TX 77063

9. Mi Pueblito

Right down the strip center from La Viña is Mi Pueblito, a Colombian restaurant and bakery which also participated in Latin Restaurant Weeks. Yes, you could easily get into a Richmond lunch habit, as we have (and we don’t want to come out!). For first-timers, Mi Pueblito has a large menu that can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with Colombian food. Luckily the servers are friendly and willing to provide recommendations, and the “Typical Dishes” section of the menu indicates traditional Colombian foods. Try the “Bandeja Paisa,” considered a national dish of Colombia, which features beef, pork belly, sausage, egg, plantains, avocado, a corn cake, and rice & beans.

9425 Richmond Ave

Houston, TX 77063

10. Al Aseel Grill & Cafe

Eating at Al Aseel always takes us back to our vacation to Jordan and Palestine. This Middle Eastern restaurant, squeezed into a strip center with Suzie’s Pastries and Cedars Bakery, is one of the very few in Houston that regularly offers Musakhan and Mansaf. Musakhan is a traditional Palestinian roasted chicken dish served with onions and sumac (a popular Middle Eastern spice), over flat bread. Mansaf is a Jordanian meal (typically prepared for special guests or for special occasions) consisting of lamb, yogurt sauce, and rice. Definitely give this classic meal a try when you visit Al Aseel.

8619 Richmond Ave

Houston, TX 77063

Follow me at @houstonsgotspice for even more international food recommendations!

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