Tasty Point: Personal-Sized Hot Pots in Chinatown

Updated: May 29, 2019

Anybody else been having seasonal depression with all this rainy weather? During this rainy season, I find that the best pick-me-up is a nice bowl of hot soup. One of our favorite spots for soup lately has been Tasty Point. I personally love hot pots because it's always packed with so much - meat and vegetables. It warms the soul, while being very filling.

While hot pot is a traditional Chinese dish, Tasty Point offers other international flavors on the menu, in addition to your authentic Chinese flavors. You can also expect specialty drinks, appetizers, and desserts on the menu as well, all of which perfectly compliments the hot pots.


The hot pots are meant to be personal-sized, but they are the perfect size to share with someone, especially if you're hoping to try some of their other menu items.

TAIWANESE SPICY HOT POT || Sliced beef, fried dumpling, beef ball, pork fish ball, clam, pork intestine, omasum, squid, taro, narutomaki, quail egg, frozen tofu, enoki mushroom, fried tofu skin, Napa cabbage, princess noodle

JAPAN PUMPKIN CREAM HOT POT || Sliced pork, fried tofu skin, clam, enoki mushroom, sweet corn, pumpkin, narutomaki, fish tofu, tomato, squid ball, mistake mushroom, shiitake mushroom, frozen tofu, napa cabbage

KOREAN ARMY HOT POT || Sliced pork, beef ball, zucchini, Korean sausage, imitation crab stick, fried dumpling, luncheon meat, kimchi, rice cake, tofu, enoki mushroom, American cheese, bean, egg, napa cabbag