Top 8 Houston Coffeeshops of 2020

About a week ago, we shared our favorite "hot spots" from 2020, and although a couple of coffee shops did make the list, we are just so coffee-obsessed that we had to make a separate list dedicated solely to coffee shops!

In no particular order, here are our top 8 coffee shops that opened in Houston, TX in 2020!

1. Amsterdam Co.

This Heights coffee shop opened up during the second half of 2020, serving up CBD-infused coffee. While we haven't quite hopped on the CBD train, the regular coffee at Amsterdam is absolutely delicious. Highly recommend their iced latte with oat milk!

2. Tenfold Coffee

Tenfold is a cafe and roastery, also nestled in the Heights. The shop itself is one of my favorites not only because I am absolutely obsessed with the decor, but I also love that they roast their own coffee!

3. Luce Ave Coffee Roasters

Yes, another new Heights coffee shop that has made our favorites list! Luce Ave opened up their second location last year (original location on Richmond Ave. in Upper Kirby), serving up some eye-catching beverages with black charcoal. Not to mention, their new two-story space is just as eye-catching as their drinks.

4. Brass Tacks

For those looking for a great WFH-away-from-home spot, Brass Tacks is calling your name. This coffee shop is MASSIVE and has plenty of seating. Whether you're meeting a date for coffee, needing to get some work done, or just want to sip on a delicious specialty coffee drink, there's a little bit for everyone here. P.S. They also serve food!