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Top Crawfish in Houston 2021

Happy National Crawfish Day!

Crawfish holds a special place in our hearts, as I am sure it does for many of you. Matt and I both grew up going to yearly crawfish boils with family, and to this day we still can't get enough! We are so happy to be a part of a community with y'all that loves crawfish just as much as us.

A few years ago we shared our favorite places to get crawfish, and now that a few years have come and gone, we thought it was about time to update our list! In no particular (and not entiiirely all-inclusive, there are still a few places left to try, which we will update our list for as we get to those), here are our top picks for crawfish inside the loop:

1. Hot and Buttered

Hot and Buttered pops up at Tikila's in the Heights every weekend (Friday-Sunday). Their crawfish is perfectly buttery with plenty of yumilicious garlic. Plus they have great sauces to pour on top! Both Matt and I's favorite Asian style crawfish spot this year.

2. Boil House

Louisiana crawfish lovers, this is going to be your spot. Boil House is owned by a Louisiana native, and according to other Louisianians we have talked to, this is the best place to get the authentic experience. P.S. They recently started offering mushrooms and they're amazing!

3. BB's Tex Orleans

I think we all know we can always count on BB's for some good crawfish. They offer two styles: Tex-Orleans Way and Louisiana Way. We personally prefer the Tex-Orleans Way which is a bit saucier, but you can't really go wrong.

4. Acadian Coast

East End's Acadian Coast is finally serving up crawfish! They serve Louisiana styled crawfish but with a light garlic and butter twist, which we added some lemon juice to for a nice tangy touch. They had a well balanced flavor with just the right amount of spice! (For us, anyways!)

5. Crawfish Cafe

The ever so popular Crawfish Cafe recently opened up a location in The Heights. They have a handful of different flavor options to pick from such as Garlic Butter, Thai Basil, Kickin Cajun, and their newest flavor Coco Loco (coconut, garlic, and citrus). The Heights location also has a great outdoor patio to sit out and enjoy this lovely Spring weather.

6. Onion Creek

Onion Creek has crawfish every day during crawfish season, along with their associated Creek Group concepts (Cedar Creek, Cactus Cove, Piggy's, and Canyon Creek)! Grab a brew and enjoy some delicious crawfish on their massive outdoor patio. Pro-tip: go on a Monday for their $5/lb special!

7. Brass Tap Mid Main (by @cajuncrawfishking)

Every Saturday, the @cajuncrawfishking does his special Louisiana style crawfish, and it's soooo stinkin' good. They even created a special butter sauce this year for those who like to add a little more pizazz to their crawfish (although there is plenty of flavor without it). Head to Brass Tap every Saturday around 1pm for their weekly crawfish boil! P.S. if you haven't been in a while, they have recently expanded and have a brand new beer garden.

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