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House of Chimney Cakes is bringing Chimney Cakes, one of Hungary’s most popular pastries, right to Richmond, TX! This pastry is the love child of a churro and a donut, making it crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Once taken out of the oven, the hollow center of the cylinder-shaped pastry creates steam, resembling chimney smoke! At this new dessert bar, they top their Chimney Cakes with delicious ice cream!

House of Chimney Cakes has an array of creative options on their menu, such as The Matcha Monster and The Fashionista. But if nothing on the menu hits the spot for you, there’s an option to build your own!

They also offer fun, over-the-top shakes that are totally IG-worthy, as well as tea and coffee drinks! Plus, you can order a classic, full-sized Chimney Cake with any toppings you like. (We recommend ordering ahead for these as they take a bit longer to cook in the oven.)

Dietary restrictions? Not to worry! Everything at House of Chimney Cakes is Halal, and they have some vegan options as well!

House of Chimney Cakes

18502 W Bellfort Blvd Suite 117

Richmond, TX 77407

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